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It never occurred to me before that Dean hadn’t seen his Mom on the ceiling. His Dad probably told him how she’d been killed but the reality had been left to his imagination. Then suddenly he runs into Sam’s room and for the first time, he’s able to see for real what he’d thought about all his life. And it’s even worse than he’d ever imagined.

I’m not even in this fandom and I just got chills. This is acting, people…

 all of the oscars to this cast 


Not to mention how similar Mary and Jess looked anyway. I imagine for at least a few seconds it could have felt like he was really seeing his mother.

clapping for jensen right now cuz you could see the terror and desperation in his face when he’s yelling out to sam then his eyes divert to jess and you could just see the utter shock and the oh shit THIS is what happened to my mom and it’s the most horrible things he’s seen ever even after hunting every last god forsaken thing, this is still the worst thing he’s ever witnessed in his life up to this point and he managed to get all of that across in a matter of 10 seconds and that’s why I love and respect him so much.






that moment when dean had a full on panic attack

He didn’t have panic attacks at any other point. This is the one. He freaked out sometimes, but literally the only thing that can send Dean Winchester into a panic attack is his Baby being missing.

The Impala is Dean’s home, his only home. This is like walking down your street and finding that your house has burned down.

Yeah, and Dean’s already experienced THAT trauma too.

At least this time he didn’t stop TALKING…

ha ha, i love Bela Talbot :)

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